Chemical Services

Process research and development

The company can help customers quickly determine synthesis routes and optimize processes. For already-marketed drugs, we can develop new processes that are better or do not infringe existing patents and provide scale-up production services for customers.

· Screening of process routes

· Experimental research design

· Process development and optimization

·Synthesis and characterization of impurities

· Technology transfer services

Drug prodrug structure optimization

Through physical and chemical analysis of drug molecules, the company can help customers quickly and effectively modify and optimize the precursor structure of the drug according to its medicinal properties, strengthen targeting, reduce the toxicity and side effects of the drug, and enhance the therapeutic effect.

Production of APIs from pilot plant to large-scale

As a company focused on providing chemical services, we have all the necessary resources to provide process research and development, optimization and scale-up production, and R&D personnel participate in the scale-up production process to quickly solve problems encountered in pilot scale-up and more efficiently Provide customers with pilot testing and large-scale production of APIs.