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Company Introduction

Nanjing Lianzhi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and is affiliated to Lianhuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600513). Relying on academician workstations, the company has established a high-quality R & D team and technology with professors, doctors, and masters as the main body. The platform is committed to the development of new products of innovative drugs and generic drugs. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise, a private enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a member enterprise of Jiangsu Biological Association, and a scientific and technological innovation demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

The company is located in Jiangsu Life Science and Technology Innovation Park (No. 9 Weidian Road, Qixia District, Nanjing). It belongs to the incubating enterprise of science and technology business incubator, emphasizing scientific research and innovation as the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The company has nearly 6000 square meters of office research and development building, including preparation pilot laboratory, synthetic pilot laboratory, analysis laboratory, etc., with complete, international advanced chemical, quality analysis and pharmaceutical preparation research and development equipment, for high-quality new drug development provides a strong guarantee.

The company can undertake drug research and development, consistency evaluation, generic drug research and development, innovative drug research and development and other scientific research tasks. The main business departments include synthesis department, preparation department, analysis department and project management department, with real and reliable research and development management capabilities, and can provide full-process and high-quality services for the development and declaration of chemical raw materials and chemical preparations.

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